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follow the road that leads away from everything
I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
The weekend before Thanksgiving, my brother's family was briefly here so I got two days of Addison and Drew time! My Dad and I spontaneously took them to a late viewing of Fantastic Beasts, which they thought was an amazing treat. It was entertaining -- the special effects were wonderful. There were a lot of slow parts though. Afterwards, I mentioned that it was a bit scary and Addison said, "Oh yeah, I was so scared!" And I said, "But you liked it right (being scared)?" And she was like, "YES!" Haha, love that kid. She held my hand through the whole movie. Sweet Drew fell asleep immediately when the lights dimmed. (He takes medication at night that puts him to sleep. But he didn't want to be left behind so we took him anyway.)

Had a lovely, relaxing, laid back Thanksgiving with just me and my Mom and Dad. It was sincerely one of our best in years.

Have any of you watched the TV show Search Party? I am dying to discuss!

I'm also reading a really great book, The Jewel by Amy Ewing. For one thing, it's forced pregnancy, my fave trope. For another, the writing is so engaging, the world is instantly relatable even though it is not our world, ad I feel like I just fall down into a hole when I read it and have to fight my way to the surface of reality again when I stop.

A co-worker and I are doing a distance learning program in December. It's bilingual and this is my new favorite story time song, I sing it to Dexter constantly:

AND! I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with this song, which beadslut found and shared with me on twitter:

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So, I was busy and then I went on a trip and then the election happened and I had to take a few days to compose myself and now...we're here. For awhile I felt like I wasn't "allowed" to focus on happy things but have decided that's letting the terrorists win and I'm not about that life.

I made donations to NOW and the ACLU. I made a library display to empower teenagers and let them know they have choices. Next Friday I'm going to a local meeting of Pantsuit Nation to find out about volunteer opportunities and how to get plugged in locally. I'm focusing on supporting and loving the people around me -- except for the bigots on FB who I am unfriending on a regular basis. I have watched this video approximately 100 million times:

(context and source)

Relatedly, I have some postcards. Need support or a smile? Want to support ME and make ME smile? Fill out the poll. Will send anywhere and to anyone.

This poll is closed.

I want a happy postcard! Here's my name and address:

I have not read LJ in about two weeks and I'm not going back. I love you, I miss you, let's start from here and go forward.
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Life is spinning me in many different directions and I miss you guys!

Did y'all see that Jared and Stephen Amell released a wine? I kind of want it just for the bottle but it's expensive! Love the name, the cool label, the description. It's all really impressive.

I bought a new washer and dryer! It's still fun to do laundry so...haha. I'm enjoying them. Such an improvement from the set we bought 17 year ago.

I have absolutely MAINLINED the tv show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Do any of you watch it? It's so, so good. Funny. Original. The characters are amazing. Possibly I have an ex who looks like a less buff version of Josh Chan. It also is possible that I extremely over-identify with Greg. He pretty much IS me.

Also recently caught up on Veep. It's interesting, also good characters. But I expected it to be funnier? Oh well. It was good to have on in the background while I folded the aforementioned laundry, hehe.

Saturday I met a guy who had through-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. He was 61 years old when he did it. It took 166 days and he lost 53 pounds. He said it was something he'd always wanted to do so when he retired, he did it! Amazing. Such an inspiration. I loved getting to hear about it and see his gorgeous pictures.

Tomorrow is my performance review. The very first one my crazy ex-boss has not seen or touched. Of course my current boss is out on an extended mental health break (for real) so the AD is going to administer it. Yoinks. *bites nails*

In other news, six days until my birthday! And, in two weeks I'll be in Pittsburgh for a pro conference i"m very excited about. Good things for looking forward!
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What's your fave dip, snack, put-it-on-the-table-and-graze-all-day food/recipe?

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WHAT I WOULD LIKE, is all eleven SPN gag reels stitched together into one video. Wouldn't that just be the ultimate pick-me-up?

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I had to get online to find information about ethrosdemon and I am so sad and conflicted. Death is hard and sometimes I hate the way it hero-izes people but sometimes it's nice to just let the slate be wiped clean.

A wise friend said it's ok to feel a million things and I'm grateful because that's just how I feel -- a million different things, all at once.

More later.
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I really, really want the grey and orange shirt Jared wore in Dallas. Does anyone know what brand it is or where to get it? Could also use a beautiful icon of him wearing said shirt...*cough*

Tomorrow I have to get a cavity filled, blergh. And then, an hour after that, I'm going to a Lularoe party. Hopefully I won't be drooling still. Oh well. I've never even seen these clothes but apparently they're amazing so I'm gonna check 'em out!

Remember awhile back when I asked you guys to suggest some Modcloth dresses? Well, I ordered six of them, B and I had a fashion show, I picked two and returned the rest. Exciting, yeah? So thanks to everyone but especially tsuki_no_bara and loveisimmortal for knowing my own style better than me!

(ETA: I kept this dress and also this one!)

B also suggested I sign up for Dia and Co, which I did, so hopefully I'll be getting my clothing situation under control soon.

Today I've been having a lazy day of rewatching Scrubs and looking at pics of Carter and Colby. (Thank you big_heart_june!) I also cleaned out part of my closet and noncon-snuggled Dexter. It's been a good day.
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"Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul...but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October."
--Peggy Toney Horton
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*zooms in and skids to a stop*

Hello lovies!

My mom and dad are on the way over to help me measure my laundry room for a new washer and dryer. I'm SO CLOSE to buying new ones. Can. Not. Wait. MEEP!

DallasCon is this week and I am so excited. I need a fandom infusion SO BAD. I can't wait to see some of my fave people, and of course, Jared and Jensen. Speaking of, I already bought Jared's green LOVE sweatshirt. *whistles innocently* For my pic with him next Sunday, I am considering wearing a silly t-shirt. Can't decide. Usually I dress nicely for pics, but we'll see. B won't let me if I look too dumb, so I have that safety net.


Unrelated (really!), I'm thinking about buying a dress. I don't ever wear dresses. So here's your mission, should you choose to accept it -- cruise over to modcloth.com and choose a dress you think I should buy. Link me. For real. You pick one that matches me. I can't wait to see your options!

I'm finally reading Joe Hill's new book, which is good but slow. It's very The Stand-like in storyline and in length.

Still obsessed with podcasts.

Oh! Today I hooked up a new DVD player to my big TV, all by myself. Basically, I'm a superhero.

Did you know there's a Mr. Robot app? It's a game and I'm obsessed. Season finale is this week. EEP.

Gotta sprint away...miss you guys! ♥
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I keep feeling like I can't pop in here unless I am caught up on all things J2 and I very much am NOT and SIGH. But Dallas con is in two weeks and I will be there and that's a huge YAY!

I finally finished Stranger Things and it was so good and I am SO OBSESSED. I really want a mix of all the music played on the show, and also I would really like to continue crushing on Sheriff Hopper, and ALSO the whole thing is creepy and happy-making -- both.

Has anyone reading this every had their eyelashes tinted? I'm thinking about doing it. I've given up on mascara, it just will not stay in place. I've tried every brand anyone recommends, I use face primer and eyelid primer, I dust with powder...all the things you're supposed to do! But, nope. I don't need or want extensions but a little tint would be perfect. HMMM.

It's thundering and raining outside and so pretty and cool (temperature-wise) and calming to me. There's a wee bird taking refuge in one of my shrubs and Dexter hasn't taken his eyes off it in ten minutes. Cat TV!

OK, gotta run. *blows kisses*
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