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Can you feel my love? Make this leap.

Stumbled across someone on my flist bashing on Jared. I just don't even get this -- in general or in specific. It makes me sad and judge-y and sort of mystified. Why is this a fun activity?!?!

Last night I had dinner with some friends and I was horsing around with one of the kids. I had him on my back and was like...ducking down low to make him laugh and then I went to stand up and overbalanced and my ankle twisted and I fell and nearly killed us both. It was terrifying. He was ok and his parents didn't seem that upset. I laughed it off last night but today I am wrecked with guilt. Ugh. I can't even fathom something happening to that kid. Must be more careful in the future.

I need to put together some playlists to listen to on the plane. I'm sort of uninspired with music right now. What do YOU like to listen to on flights?

Super busy day with one million errands. I'm about to check my work email and I have a bet with myself -- if boss sends me a crabby message with an unreasonable deadline, then I will get Orange Leaf after my doctor's appointment this afternoon. If she doesn't...well. Let's face it. I'm still getting Orange Leaf after my doctor's appointment this afternoon! Haha.
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