I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

I cannot physically open it

WHAT I WOULD LIKE, is all eleven SPN gag reels stitched together into one video. Wouldn't that just be the ultimate pick-me-up?

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That would be so awesome! The CW could sell that, I'd buy it!
I'd rather have it fangirl-made and free! LOL
Very true! :)
That would freaking awesome alright, just to be able to watch all the gag reels in one video and not having to change discs. I would buy it.
I'd rather have a fangirl make it and share it for free! :)
Your idea sounds way better. It would be absolutely awesome if a fangirl was able to pull that off and share it with us! :)
With extras, commentaries and bloopers of the bloopers - it would sell like hot cakes!
Sell? Or a fangirl could just make and share it. :)


1 year ago

that would be easy to do
SEE! That's what I thought! Like...a fangirl could make and share it! YES. *cough*
Yeeeeesss! That made me happy. But I want all 11 in one video!
And all my little spn fangirl dreams would be complete :)
Right? We need it!


October 12 2016, 00:49:38 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  October 12 2016, 00:50:32 UTC

That would be awesome. :) I hope that one day we get an entire dvd worth's of bloopers... Because as much as I love the gag reel, they're too short.