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I am so tired and my ankle hurts so bad and it's BB claims day, which always is stressful.

But here are some things I have consumed lately and enjoyed:

  • Sense8. OMG! K+W=<3 4EVA

  • The Bright Sessions podcast. OBSESSED.

  • 8tracks. I'm back on that bandwagon. I love listening to mixes, especially in the car.

  • Loreal Infallible Eye Paint Liner in Aqua

  • Vanilla greek yogurt, topped with frozen berries.

    Go claim a prompt for BB. :)
  • SPN: Sam&#39;s Bright Smile

    who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning

    Hi friends! I know I'm not here very much anymore but I just wanted to note that I have no plans to change my behavior here and plan to ride out the LJ-train until such a time as I/we are no longer able to.

    Same goes for spn_j2_bigbang. It continues at pace, as is. I will not be migrating it or backing it up. Only fic and art links are there so all that would be missing (in case of a purge) is the masterlists. Sad but we'll continue.

    In case, my insta is beawesomewendy. I'd prefer not to share my twitter in a public post but will happily share it directly with anyone who wants it.

    In other news, I have some questions for you!

    I want something light and fun to watch on Netflix. Suggestions?

    What's a feel-good song that's guaranteed to put you in a good mood? Something that makes you want to dance and sing along?

    Do any of you use a password manager?

    How are YOU?
    SPN: Sam&#39;s Bright Smile

    (no subject)

    It's been so long since I posted here that I'm not sure I even remember how. But I miss you guys and wanted to check in.

    So ask me questions and then tell me things. ♥
    SPN: Sam&#39;s Bright Smile

    Hey you!

    I can't believe it's been so long since I last update! Gracious.

    somer, I didn't miss you posting that special Christmas laundry did I? *frets*

    Some things:

  • I picked up groceries today using Clicklist and it was amazing and I'm pretty sure I'll never step foot in a grocery store again except in very rare situations. (The store gives me intense anxiety for no known reason.)

  • I bought a new car! It's an Audi Q5 and I loooove it. I'm going tomorrow to pick up the real license plates!

  • Spent Christmas with my family and it was delightful. Addison has gotten super into texting so it's been fun to keep in touch with her that way.

  • B and I spent NYE together. We cooked a big meal -- all from scratch -- drank hot toddys and watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. It was delightful. New Year's Day we went shopping and got our nails done. Great start to 2017.

  • Work has been stressful the last week but I truly cannot complain because I'm about to take five days off to go to the SPN Con in Houston and then I'm home a week and then I have eight days off to go to the SPN Con in Vegas. So! Whatever! It's my vacation season!

  • Just watched Ali Wong's comedy special on Netflix...so raunchy and so, so funny.

  • Am having a virtual LuLaRoe party on Facebook tomorrow. If you're interested, PM me your FB name and I'll add you. (US only -- I'm sorry international peeps!)

  • I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power there will be peace. -- Sri Chinmoy
  • Coffee Jolly

    if you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down

    You guuuuuuuys! Thank you all so much for the many cards, they make me so happy!

    Can't remember whether or not I shared that this year I was the chair of the library's annual holiday celebration, which is a HUGE event. I choose to make some changes and was concerned the public mighty be cranky, but they were not! The whole thing was last weekend and very successful and they've already asked me to be on the committee for next year too. *bows*

    I got my nails done today -- sparkly green and red for the holidays. Pics on Insta.

    It's cold and I am drinking tea and since I'm not at work (I worked eight days straight), I'm pretty happy.

    burn the white flag

    The weekend before Thanksgiving, my brother's family was briefly here so I got two days of Addison and Drew time! My Dad and I spontaneously took them to a late viewing of Fantastic Beasts, which they thought was an amazing treat. It was entertaining -- the special effects were wonderful. There were a lot of slow parts though. Afterwards, I mentioned that it was a bit scary and Addison said, "Oh yeah, I was so scared!" And I said, "But you liked it right (being scared)?" And she was like, "YES!" Haha, love that kid. She held my hand through the whole movie. Sweet Drew fell asleep immediately when the lights dimmed. (He takes medication at night that puts him to sleep. But he didn't want to be left behind so we took him anyway.)

    Had a lovely, relaxing, laid back Thanksgiving with just me and my Mom and Dad. It was sincerely one of our best in years.

    Have any of you watched the TV show Search Party? I am dying to discuss!

    I'm also reading a really great book, The Jewel by Amy Ewing. For one thing, it's forced pregnancy, my fave trope. For another, the writing is so engaging, the world is instantly relatable even though it is not our world, ad I feel like I just fall down into a hole when I read it and have to fight my way to the surface of reality again when I stop.

    A co-worker and I are doing a distance learning program in December. It's bilingual and this is my new favorite story time song, I sing it to Dexter constantly:

    AND! I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with this song, which beadslut found and shared with me on twitter:

    This is Your Sign

    stronger together

    So, I was busy and then I went on a trip and then the election happened and I had to take a few days to compose myself and now...we're here. For awhile I felt like I wasn't "allowed" to focus on happy things but have decided that's letting the terrorists win and I'm not about that life.

    I made donations to NOW and the ACLU. I made a library display to empower teenagers and let them know they have choices. Next Friday I'm going to a local meeting of Pantsuit Nation to find out about volunteer opportunities and how to get plugged in locally. I'm focusing on supporting and loving the people around me -- except for the bigots on FB who I am unfriending on a regular basis. I have watched this video approximately 100 million times:

    (context and source)

    Relatedly, I have some postcards. Need support or a smile? Want to support ME and make ME smile? Fill out the poll. Will send anywhere and to anyone.

    This poll is closed.

    I want a happy postcard! Here's my name and address:

    I have not read LJ in about two weeks and I'm not going back. I love you, I miss you, let's start from here and go forward.
    Excited About Everything

    boss up and change your life

    Life is spinning me in many different directions and I miss you guys!

    Did y'all see that Jared and Stephen Amell released a wine? I kind of want it just for the bottle but it's expensive! Love the name, the cool label, the description. It's all really impressive.

    I bought a new washer and dryer! It's still fun to do laundry so...haha. I'm enjoying them. Such an improvement from the set we bought 17 year ago.

    I have absolutely MAINLINED the tv show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Do any of you watch it? It's so, so good. Funny. Original. The characters are amazing. Possibly I have an ex who looks like a less buff version of Josh Chan. It also is possible that I extremely over-identify with Greg. He pretty much IS me.

    Also recently caught up on Veep. It's interesting, also good characters. But I expected it to be funnier? Oh well. It was good to have on in the background while I folded the aforementioned laundry, hehe.

    Saturday I met a guy who had through-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. He was 61 years old when he did it. It took 166 days and he lost 53 pounds. He said it was something he'd always wanted to do so when he retired, he did it! Amazing. Such an inspiration. I loved getting to hear about it and see his gorgeous pictures.

    Tomorrow is my performance review. The very first one my crazy ex-boss has not seen or touched. Of course my current boss is out on an extended mental health break (for real) so the AD is going to administer it. Yoinks. *bites nails*

    In other news, six days until my birthday! And, in two weeks I'll be in Pittsburgh for a pro conference i"m very excited about. Good things for looking forward!