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2006 To Do List

It's that time again. I'm about a week early in posting this, but I'm ready, so here it is.

I decided that 2006 is The Year of Fun. Each of you are responsible for having as much fun as possible, for working to make your life fun, for finding the fun in the middle of a bad day. Life is too serious and too hard otherwise. Do it for YOURSELF. Make your life what you want it to be.

So, I only put items that i want to do on this list. No stretch goals this year, nothing challenging even. Just fun things or things I want to do.

I challenge each of you to do this for 2006 and post your list. Lemme see!

Here's mine:

1. Apologize when I should.
2. Attend church at least six times.
3. Bring something to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. (banana pudding?)
4. Buy Goblet of Fire on DVD. Buy The Chronicles of Narnia on DVD too.
5. Buy a jean jacket that actually fits.
6. Buy a lipstick.
7. Buy a new shower mat for master bathroom. Find one that actually fits in that space.
8. Buy a nice, button-up, black dress shirt.
9. Buy a real, good pair of running shoes. Go to an actual running store (Oshmanns does NOT COUNT) and get fitted for them.
10. Buy a black turtleneck.
11. Buy five new bras and five new pairs of panties.
12. Buy four fruits and/or vegetables that I’ve never eaten before. Try them!
13. Buy new collars and leashes for Max and Val.
14. Buy two pairs of Spanx.
15. Clean out my closets.
16. Clean out my towels and get rid of the old and/or stained ones.
17. Complete my tenure on the Coppell Library Board. Consider re-applying.
18. Cuss more. Yeah, I said it.
19. Do I like green tea or not? Decide.
20. Do not buy any books without checking to see if I can get them for free from the library first. (Exceptions include: gifts, anything for work, or hardback books that I want to own for time and all eternity.)
21. Do not trip going down the aisle during Andy and April’s wedding.
22. Do something to celebrate/recognize Easter.
23. Do something to celebrate/recognize Labor Day.
24. Do something to celebrate/recognize St. Patrick’s Day.
25. Does my cell phone have a speakerphone option? Find out.
26. Drink more water every day.
27. Embrace a Hogwarts house with my whole heart.
28. Explore getting a hot stone massage. Or any massage, really.
29. Finally get someone to move that huge TV off my kitchen table.
30. Get a pair of birthday socks. To wear on my birthday. Duh.
31. Get a suitcase of my very own.
32. Get my eyebrows waxed.
33. Get my eyes checked, prescription updated and new contacts ordered.
34. Get regular pedicures during sandal season, keep my heels looking decent.
35. Get rid of the Texas gardening books that Andrew gave me for our first Christmas together.
36. Give more attention to Max and Val on a daily basis, even when I'm tired or stressed.
37. Give more hugs.
38. Give my old bead box to Andy for camp.
39. Go to Lumos in July.
40. Go to Barnes & Noble on a Friday night. Drink coffee. Read books. Talk to a stranger.
41. Go to the dermatologist.
42. Go to the El Tesoro alumni reunion in April.
43. Grow a new plant. (Inside in a pot or in the backyard, doesn't matter)
44. Hang actual curtains in the master bedroom.
45. Have a tea party with Mom.
46. Have dinner or lunch with Dondie and Heather.
47. Have two dental cleanings done.
48. Hold Jayson. Hold Jordan. Make Kyle smile.
49. Hug mandyremains on her wedding day.
50. Keep a list of all the books I read in 2006.
51. Keep a list of all the LJers I meet in-person in 2006.

52. Keep Max and Val healthy and safe.
53. Learn a little about something new.
54. Life is about relationships and they require work and effort. Work on developing relationships with the people I love.
55. Make a definite decision about jaw surgery.
56. Make fajitas from scratch.
57. Make key lime pie from scratch.
58. Make more thankful prayers.
59. Memorize Corinthians 12:9-10.
60. On December 1, turn in my change jar for cash. Use it to buy Christmas presents.
61. Organize files and filing cabinets.
62. Pay down my debts.
63. Perv. Slash. Flirt. Lots.
64. Pray more for other people.
65. Price out replacing the seatbelt in my car that Max destroyed.
66. Read one book related to my spirituality.
67. Read two non-fiction books related to my physical/mental/emotional health.
68. Read two non-fiction books related to work.
69. Recycle.
70. Reduce my possessions. Get rid of the crap.
71. Re-read Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince.
72. Say please. And thank you. And no. And sometimes, say yes.
73. See 10 movies in the theater. Keep a list.
-Fun With Dick and Jane
-Walk the Line
-Ice Age 2
-X-Men 3
-Happy Feet
-Take the Lead
-Pursuit of Happyness
-Night at the Museum

74. Send out 2006 Christmas cards.
75. Set an end-date to get my braces off.
76. See the ocean.
77. Stop. Calling. Myself. Fat.
78. Submit a cold copy of my resume to five companies I’d like to work for in Fort Worth or Arlington.
79. Survive the LJ slumber party in February.
80. Take a new family pic to use on my Christmas cards.
81. Take more pictures.
82. Take the stairs whenever possible.
Take vitamins every day.
84. Tell April that I’m glad she’s my sister. Tell Andy I’m glad he’s my brother.
85. Track my periods monthly.
86. Update my address book with people's addresses.
87. Update my calendar with people's birthdays.
88. Uphold my own morals and values. Every day.
89. Use the water pik.
90. Use up all of something before I buy more of it. (Especially lotion and candles. And stationery. EEK.)
91. Visit lemmons and dylmc and their fam in Corpus Christi.
92. Visit mandyremains and radioactivclown over Fourth of July.
93. Visit Jai. Hug her. Tell her that I will always be here for her, no matter what.
94. Visit one place I’ve never been before.

95. Wash my hands on a more regular basis. Consider becoming obsessive about it.
96. Watch all the Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Smallville and Queer as Folk series DVDs.
97. Weigh less on December 31, 2006 then I do on January 5, 2006.
98. Write fan mail.
99. Write one thing that I’m proud of.
100. Write thank you notes for every little thing.

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