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Things people keep asking me

Can I request a Hot Boy?

People keep asking if they can request Hot Boy pictures. Of course you can! I posted a poll the other day but it was buried in the post and people keep telling me they lost it. Anywhoo, here's another. I'll add this entry to my memories so go there if you think of a Hot Boy later on and want the poll. If you filled out the previous poll, you don't have to re-do it again.

Who would you like to see pictures of in a Hot Boy post?

Will you beta for me?

I would loooooove to beta your stories! But honestly, I get caught up in reading the story and forget to give really in-depth feedback.

If you want someone to poke holes in your stories, make them canon-compliant or reconstruct your dialogue...it ain't me you're looking for, babe.

If you want someone to tell you your story rocks, to make notations that the hot parts are making the reader drool or to fix your run-on sentences...I can do that. My own writing sucks but I proofread for a living and I can edit anything for grammar and spelling. Believe it or not, heh.

Can we please talk about Autumn?

I re-opened thequeenbees, which was the community Autumn and I had together. All entries are set friends only (for real this time!) lemmons is still technically a member there and I've been told that even deleted journals can still read their friends lists. So if you have something to say to her, if you want to purge, if you have questions for the group...go there.

Anything else?

This is actually a question for YOU! Anything else you need? Want to know? Did I miss a FAQ?

Happy Monday y'all.
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