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Smallville Babble

txtequilanights and I both are watching Smallville for the very first time. We had an interesting conversation yesterday trying to determine the actual difference in age between Clark and Lex on that show. She succeeded in convincing me that Clark is a freshman and thus, about 15 years old during season one.

(I cannot even tell you how much it makes me giggle that HUGE, gorgeous 24 year old Tom Welling was playing a 15 year old kid. It’s really, really funny. Of course now, five years later, Clark is 20 and Welling is 29, which is STILL very funny.)

By her timeline, that makes Lex 19 or 20 in S1, which I just think is ludicrous. He runs his own company! And don’t argue that his Dad set him up with the business. I know he did…but still. You can’t run a company at 19! NO! (Also? Rosenbaum? 29 during S1, playing a 19 year old. 0_o)

Tom Welling is 6'3". (To compare: Jared Padalecki is 6'4”. Jensen Ackles is 6'1”. Michael Rosenbaum is 6'.)

I couldn’t find any reference to Lex's age, but apparently he was the 43rd President of the United States! (There's a GWB joke there just waiting to be made...)

As of 2005, Smallville has not yet portrayed Lex as "a bona fide villain." It does however, show "Lex's dark side as he slowly descends to evil. The depiction of the inevitable corruption of Lex and the development of his future enmity with Clark is a major plot arc of the series.”

Luthor's full first name has over the years been variously spelled as Alexis, Alexei, and Alexander (currently his official first name), but originally "Lex" was not intended to be short for anything. In Latin, the name "Lex" translates roughly to "law."

Apparently, (according to the writers) he sees Clark like a "little brother," which maybe explains why he, as a grown man, is always hanging around these "kids"?

I also asked Rach who the freak "Pete" was because I'd never heard of him before Smallville. Apparently, he's canon too. Who knew? He eventually knows that Clark is Superman and aids him in keeping his identity secret. In canon, Pete eventually married Lana Lang. Which makes me snicker. A lot.

Other Random Fun Canon Facts:
♥ "Clark" is Martha Kent's maiden name.
♥ Clark and Lois get married.
♥ Clark Kent is a vegetarian.
♥ Clark receives a Pulitzer Prize while working at the Daily Planet. His prize winning story? All about the evil things Lex has done.
♥ Lex is bald because an illustrator made a mistake and forgot to put in the hair. Later, he (the illustrator) decided he liked the look, and kept it.
♥ Lex has been married EIGHT times. He has one biological child.
♥ Clark Kent's name is a combination of the names of actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor.

"Superman is what I can do; Clark is who I am."
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