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How do you choose what you read?

How do you choose what fanfiction you read?

There are a slew of really amazing authors and really incredible stories out there that simply never get any attention. The stories are posted to the appropriate communities, they're linked in various fan newsletters, they're recced by various people...and still? Nothing.

Why? Why is it that some people get 500 comments and some people get five? And I'm not talking about crap here; we all know that exists too. I'm talking about really good, strong work.

Almost all the authors I know say that feedback is like air. That sharing their work is validating and necessary. Part of the craft itself, if you will.

So, I want to know...how do you choose what fanfiction you read?

  • Do you only read things written by people you know?
  • What will ALWAYS make you click on a fic to read?
  • What automatically makes you scroll right past without a second glance? (for example, no matter who wrote it or how many times it's been recced, I will never read anything with a warning for character death.)
  • What information do you want to see in the header? (for example, if the pairing isn't clearly indicated, I won't read. Or if there's no summary, you might consider passing it by.)
  • What would make you read but not comment?
  • What else contributes to what you read and don't read?
  • Anything else to bring up or discuss?

    Listen, I'm not trying to be wanky and this is not an opportunity for hate. I'm looking for some serious discussion about this. There are a lot of good efforts that are being virtually ignored...why? If there is something simple those authors can do to better share their work with others then they deserve that feedback and insight.

    What do you think?

    About 75 percent of my friends list is authors, so I know you have an opinion on this. I have my fingers in about 47 different fandoms, but I know a lot of you are involved in ones I'm not. You all have friends that I don't have. So get people to contribute to this discussion, it just might turn up something really valuable.
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