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It's like...a Greatest Hits Retrospective

anasuede says today is Indulge Your Obsessions Saturday...who am I to turn that down???

Six episodes of Smallville, four chocolate chip cookies and a whole buncha fanfic later...I found a new Jared picture!

Stolen from someone else. I know this surprises you. When I get out again here in a little bit, I'll buy an actual copy of the magazine (it's in Men's Health) and see if I can get a better, clearer scan.

Anywhoo...to continue today's theme, under the cut is a picspam of every hot guy I've ever posted a picspam of in the last six months or so. Uhm, not every picture I've ever posted, just one of every guy. Follow?

P.S. I had to break up with my hairdresser last night...it was traumatic. This resulted in me walking into a random salon this morning and asking a random person to highlight and cut my hair. Stressful. But it looks fine so YAY. Being low-maintenance pays off again.
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