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SPN: RPS Rec List

emella: Wendy, we are so unbelievably fangirlish
wendy: well, duh
emella: Like sort of in a bad sense
wendy: oh no, really?
emella: Like we should try to get lives, I mean normal people seem to like them
wendy: yeah well...NORMAL people dont know about RPS
wendy: errr
wendy: maybe you're right...

Yeah so, what else could I do after THAT but make the longest RPS rec list ever?

  • By The Letter by winterlive (Jared/Jensen, 12,000 words, NC-17) -- Jensen fools around with Jared's iPod and finds a play list with his name on it. Hot, sexy, sweet and very...real-feeling. One of my faves.

  • Chrome When It Shines by sevenfists Jared/Jensen, 1,500 words) -- Jensen gets nipple piercings. 'Nuff said.

  • Crazy Good by geneli4 (Jared/Jensen/Jeff, 734 words, NC-17) -- Jensen and Jeff make Jared feel good. This is so hot it takes my breath away.

  • Enough by topaz119 and without_me (Jared/Jensen, 5,000 words, NC-17) -- Hands down, the hottest J2 I've ever read. No contest. If you know me at all, then you'll know why. If you don't know me...well, I bet you can still figure it out.

  • In a Groove by estrella30 (Jared/Jensen, 600 words, NC-17) -- The boys are in bed. The last three lines of this turn my stomach liquid.

  • It Always Seems Like a Good Idea at the Time by joyfulgirl41 (Jared/Jensen, 6,952 words, NC-17) -- One of my all-time faves . Apparently, Jared speaking Spanish drives me wild too.

  • Make Me by anasuede (Jared/Jensen, 2,200 words, NC-17) -- Based on my fave Jared pic. Whether it's about Jared's cologne or Jensen's belt buckle, De always gets the details right.

  • Morning by leila_sharpe (Jared/Jensen, 1,206 words, NC-17) -- Hot, sleepy, schmoopy sex and adorable boys...what more do you need?

  • No Sleep Till Bedtime by veronamay (Jared/Jensen, 9,500 words, NC-17) -- Jensen is exhausted. Jared takes care of him. They eventually get on a plane and the best jealousy line ever is delivered. Sweetness (and hot sex) abound.

  • On The Wall by la_folle_allure (Jared/Jensen/Jeff, 3,030 words, NC-17) -- Jared and Jensen make out with Jeff and it's absolutely scorching hot. Best blowjob scene ever.

  • Some Kind of Inconsiderate Jackass by phaballa (Jared/Jensen/Chad, 7,710 words, NC-17) -- The hotness of shotgunning outweighs the ooginess of CHAD. Trust me. Read it.

  • Storm Coming On by winterlive (Jared/Jensen, really freaking long, NC-17) -- Starts with a slow burn and builds to hot fire. Really develops the relationship between the boys. Full of details and feelings and you can just watch the love grow. Also? OMG hotness. It's long but y'all it's worth the read, I promise.

  • Three for the Road by sunniefic (Jared/Jensen/Chad, 3,421 words, NC-17) -- Jared convinces Jensen to let Chad play with them...but only once.

  • Thunder by estrella30 (Jared/Jensen, 485 words, PG-13) -- There's actual journal stuff at the top (the nerve!) but just scroll past that. I love how this just feels sleepy. Reading this also gave me my first ever J2 dream, so I'm, uhm, attached to it.

  • You Break It, You Bought It, And Other Rules to Live By and its sequel When in Doubt, Consult the Stars by scribblinlenore (Both Jared/Jensen, both NC-17) -- So sweet, so schmoopy, so perfect. These were some of the very first J2 stories I ever read and they absolutely are what hooked me into this obsession.

  • Thin Line Between (Love and Hate) by strippedpink (Jared/Jensen, 4,278 words, NC-17) -- Jensen is cranky, think Jared can get him in a good mood again? Jared does and he uses every trick in his book including blowjobs and rimming. Also, I love every single bit of Lindsay's RPS. She was kind enough to link it all in one place right here.

    Is it bad LJ etiquette to rec someone else's rec list? Ahhh well...
  • Here's a good one that esorlehcar put together.

    Aaaand, these two don't REALLY count as RPS, but I adore them all the same...
  • Celebrity Sighting (Sam/Dean, 400 words, PG-13) and its sequel Cry Wolf (Sam/Dean, 400 words, NC-17) by nevcolleil -- Dean notices that Sam looks an awful lot like some actor named Padalecki...

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