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SPN: Airplanes


On Friday I'm flying to California to visit mandyremains and radioactivclown. I'm very excited but very nervous too.

I'm not a good flyer. I nearly always have a panic attack in the airport. But, I'm just stubborn enough that my fear of flying isn't going to stop me from going where I really want to go. I refuse to give into it.

Someone once told me that flying is difficult for me because I have a tough time handling the loss of control. And, because I'm incapable of having a non-SPN-related thought, this made me think of Dean and his fear of planes. He isn't afraid of anything so what's up with being afraid to fly? Why do YOU think Dean is so scared to fly? (Serious or humorous answers, give 'em all to me.)

Poll #756313 Dean is Afraid

Why is Dean afraid to fly?

Under the cut is everything SPN plane-related that I have...screencaps, music, icons, fic recs...if you have anything to add, drop it in comments.

And cross your fingers for a safe flight on Friday, ok?

Some Metallic for humming purposes:
Enter Sandman
Some Kind of Monster

By coffeefueled

By dev_earl2

  • No Sleep Till Bedtime by veronamay (Jared/Jensen, 9,500 words, NC-17) -- Jensen is exhausted. Jared takes care of him. They eventually get on a plane and the best jealousy line ever is delivered. Sweetness (and hot sex) abound.

  • Fine Again by poisontaster Dean/Sam, 650 words, G) -- What could get Dean on a plane? Sammy. (I'm resisting the urge to say DEAN ON A PLANE in my Snakes on a Plane voice, ok?) This is part of poisontaster's Heartverse, so the one story may be a little out-of-context. However, if you aren't reading her stuff, you should be. It's brilliant and beautiful and emotional and frequently very hot.


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