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Sam and Guns, Jared and Dogs

strippedpink wrote me Sammy/Dean dorm sex (and it so made my heart hurt) and in return she asked for pics of Sammy and guns.

Welllll...I started out with Sam and guns, then I got distracted by Jared and the dogs, then I just flat got distracted by JARED...SO THIS IS WHAT YOU GET INSTEAD!

(And HUGE thanks to lostt1 for locating 85 percent of the gun caps.)


We need some Spiderman-style upside down kissing STAT!

SO YUMMY. (I snagged this pic from trystan830.)

He is so seriously a giant...

I love how he sort of has his hip cocked out a little here. Plus, (do you want to say it with me?) belt buckle!

Jensen? I'm ready for my blow job baby.

Baby Jared! I repeat...Dean would absolutely hit that!

BEYOND DORKS. Also? I have a major weakness for grey t-shirts.

I am cannot resist a guy with dogs. OK, I couldn't resist Jared anyway but ESPECIALLY NOT WITH DOGS!

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