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Well, we're hanging out at Starbucks (surprise...I've already had two lattes today. Heh.) and things have pretty much wound down with the conference and all that. I miss my bed and my puppy dogs. But I want all my LJ buddies to stay with me forever and ever.

Have had a ton of fun and made a million memories...I'll do a highlights post when I get home and can concentrate.

The other day, we were watching SPN and there were a bunch of people piled on the bed. And I was totally leaning on incapricious and I asked if it bugged her that a stranger was in her personal space. She just looked at me blankly and said "You aren't a stranger." And that my friends? Is FANDOM. Love it.

OK, I guess I'll run now. Will be home late tomorrow. Love and kisses to all. Everyone traveling home today and tomorrow have a safe trip.

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