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Harry Potter + Supernatural + Lumos

If you have HP and SPN folk on your friends list, please link this!!!!

As previously mentioned, the notice board in the common room at Lumos was one of the very coolest things about the conference. Serious fun.

anasuede and I exchanged letters with someone else anonymously under the guise of being the Winchester men. It was terribly fun and we'd really, really like to find the other person/people who were playing.

I figure that the number of people who A)like Harry Potter and B)like Supernatural and C)also went to Lumos has to be a finite number and that the best way to find the other participant(s) is simply to ask around.

If it was you, speak up so that De and I can appropriately fangirl you! If it wasn't you but you know people who fit the HP-SPN-Lumos description, please, please give them a link to this post.

Don't have a clue what I'm talking about? Here's the story:

anasuede and I found a letter from Dean on the notice board:

It says:
"Missing one kid brother:
Replies to Sammy or Sam
Freakishly tall
helmet hair

If found, please return to hot older
brother named Dean.

ps. Sam you freak we have a "problem" to take care of."

So, we ganked it and replaced it with a response from Sam:

It says:
One pair of handcuffs, 1 bottle of Holy Water and 2 guns.

One brother -- answers to the name of Dean or Sex God.

About that "problem" -- meet me in the hot tub at 10 p.m.


So then! Our anonymous buddy (or buddies) took that letter and replaced it with one from John:

It says:


We popped up a final response to John from the boys:

It says:
We were doing research on an inferius -
You know - keeping the kiddies
safe! We have to hit the road
Monday, but I found a Starbuck's
and Sam's doing research on the laptop.
Call us or email Dean"

We included contact information, but weren't able to get the note up until just a few hours before Lumos completely shut down. So, we assume our pals never saw it.

This is where you came in....help us find the other person playing, yeah? This is someone anasuede and I NEED to find and know.

Thanks y'all!
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