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OK, so...

I started watching Jensen season four of Smallville this weekend and I have SUCH a girl crush on Lois! Seriously. She's a literal bad ass. And I love the dynamic between she and Clark with the sniping and the sarcasm...it's awesome! Weeee! At the end of 4:3 when Lois drops Clark in the dunk tank and he stands up grinning and shaking the hair out of his eyes like a wet dog? My little heart just about explodes. SO CUTE.

What do we know about spnfic_podcast? Is it similar to slashcast? If so, cool! If it's just people reading fic aloud, well...also cool, but really I just want to hear anasuede read. No one else can compare to her voice so why waste my time?

I had a dream last night that Jared got a new puppy...a fawn-colored, miniature bulldog. (I don't know!) He named it LuLu and Jensen was jealous because the puppy got too much of Jared's attention. But then he figured out that the puppy loved him more anyway and all was right in J2-world again.


Mmmmm...Jensen and a blindfold...

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