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SPN: Protection Symbols

OK, so listen.

Last night txtequilanights and I were sort of vaguely discussing protection symbols, which had nothing to do with the fact that Rachel just moved into a new place and needs to get it salted set-up ASAP.

It's possible I suddenly because slightly over-obsessed with the idea of protecting my own house.


I did a little googling, which pretty much failed me. I finally found two protective runes, here and here.

But apparently, you have to be careful with runes and protection symbols because there are GOOD ones and BAD ones and with my luck I'd totally trace evil ones all over my house and...


*takes a deep breath*

I was fairly convinced that since I couldn't find the right symbols to mark on my walls last night that I'd get eaten in my sleep. Which I didn't. Which is good. But let's not press the little luck I actually have, ok?

So, fangirls, help me out...protection symbols? Got any? What do you know? How do you mark them (chalk, oil, paint, draw 'em on with your finger?) Where's the best place to put them (doors, windows, walls? Which walls?)
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