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Let's have a list!

1. Last night I dreamed that people kept asking me for SPN prompts and I couldn't think of ANY and I was getting all panicked about being useless. Then I came up with a BRILLIANT one but, of course, I can't remember it now.

2. I have really, really got to cut back on my coffee intake. This is getting out-of-hand.

3. Did I mention nine and a half hours of sleep last night???

4. Have I mentioned recently how much I love working for a bookstore? I walked downstairs yesterday and bought a bunch of pregnancy books for April and Andy and a DVD of Justin Timberlake videos.

5. Yesterday I saw the Smallville episode where Clark finds the dog. He is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. And Lois wanting to name the dog "Clark-ey" kiiillllls me. Oh I love the way they interact with each other.

6. I have to write a status report every Friday so my boss knows what I've been working on all week. I have NOTHING. Let's see how creative I can be!

And here, because I cannot look away from Tom Welling's ass smile:

Sooooo tall!

Even the DOG is red!


The dog can do Blue Steel too!

Fires are so romantic.

*zips lips*

I love that Lex has to look UP.

SUCH a Dean look...

It amuses me that his ears look enormous.


CLARK IN A CAGE! *waves to the bad place*

Oh this series makes my heart SWELL.


Dean Jason in a suit!

This was such a bad hair episode for everyone...

The end!
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