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SPN Fic Lines I Love

There are so many amazing writers in the SPN fandom. I was going through some old, saved emails and ran across comment emails with these lines pulled out. I guess I couldn't bare to delete them, I didn't want to LOSE them, you know?

  • "The hell he will," snorted Sam, stepping between the two of them and pushing back to feel Dean behind him. "Dean's mine. He goes with me."
    --From Perchance to Dream by candygramme.

  • "I'm psychic, you stupid son of a bitch," Sam says. "Did you really think I wouldn't find you?"
    --From Stumbling Across Its Bleak Ending by esorlehcar.

  • "Sam leans in, his length tight to Dean, hands linked with Dean’s, pulling them up so they’re stretched wide, both of them crucified against the wall, like angels in flight."
    --From Synthetic 4: WATER by kittyfisher.

  • "Dean . . ." Sam slurred his name almost past recognition, but Dean knew it in every inflection, knew it in a baby's lisp, knew it in puberty's sudden break, knew it was shorthand for a million things and right now it meant more than he was ready to hear."
    --From The Party of Almost Was by merepersiflage.

  • "Sam’s head snapped up when he heard a familiar whistle carry over the applause. It was a signal he and Dean used when they were hunting – it meant “I’m here, all is well."
    --From The Play's the Thing by weesta.

    Nice, yeah?

    Are there lines like that that get stuck in other people's heads too?
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