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Clark! Lex! Smooching! Naked!

In honor of Smallville DVD Day (yaaaaay!) I have recs!

  • Local Call by Grail. (Clarl/Lex, NC-17, 2,506 words) Phone sex.

  • The Milk and Cookies War by runpunkrun. (Clark/Lex, PG, 6,230 words) Clark stays with Lex and slowly drives him crazy with lust.

  • Sunlight Shimmering Love by txtequilanights. (Clark/Lex, NC-17, 4,300 words) Lex and Clark explore each other. This story includes one of my favorite symbolic scenes ever. (This is part of a longer series, and I encourage you to read all of it. But you can read just this one bit and be fine too.)

  • This Time by mskatej. (Clark/Lex, NC-17, 2,650 words) Clark watches Lex from afar...and Lex draws him in.

  • Three Impossible Things by seperis. (Clark/Lex, NC-17, 31,740 words) Clark and Lex struggle with change and with how they impact each other's lives. This is really hot and gorgeous.

  • Through the Window by kho. (Clark/Lex, NC-17, 2,235 words) Lex imagines he's with Clark and Clark secretly watches.

  • 'Til You See The Daylight by txtequilanights. (Cark/Lex, NC-17. 1,310 words) Clark and Lex get bored at a party so they sneak away. Made even hotter by Rach's special spin on the situation.


    If you need me, I'll be staring at Tom Welling's ass abs smile for the next few days...
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