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RPS Rec List

Yeeaahhhh, so this turned out to be much longer then I had originally anticipated. I hope you can/will wade through it anyway.


Jared AND Jensen:

  • Ask Me Why by __tiana__. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 9,405 words) -- Jensen gets jealous and teaches Jared a lesson...in bed. Includes one of my most fave sentences ever: “Ah, ah. No touching, Mr. Padalecki. We are talking.”

  • At First It's Just a One Time Thing by notthequiettype. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 400 words) -- Four drabbles about what it's like to sleep with your co-star, written in a really unique style.

  • Enough by topaz119 and without_me (Jared/Jensen, 5,000 words, NC-17) -- Hands down, the hottest J2 I've ever read. I've rec'ed it before but I have to do it again because both topaz119 and without_me have PROMISED me (and I have it in writing!) they will do a follow-up. *waits impatiently*

  • Five Times Jared Stole Jensen's Breath Away by la_folle_allure and ericaplease. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 4,524) -- Breathplay so vivid it took MY breath away too.

  • In Lust We Trust by stellamira. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,863 words) -- Jensen is determined to make Jared beg.

  • Never Was No Other by emma_daisy. (Jared/Jensen, PG-13, 300 words) -- I am a sucker for sleepy, morning love.

  • The New OTP 'Verse by strippedpink. What if Jared and Jensen actually DID meet prior to Supernatural? In fact, what if they met during their Gilmore Girls and Smallville days? What if they fell in love and did all sorts of naughty things together? This is seriously addictive, you'll see! (NOTE: LJ is giving me hell because Linds's tag has an apostrophe in it. Apparently that screws up HTML links. Go to her journal and search for the "new otp 'verse" tag. It's worth the effort to locate.)

  • The One Where Jensen Rises to the Occasion by strippedpink. (Jared/jensen, NC-17, 2,518 words) -- OK, this is really hot shower!porn. But more then that I really love how the emotions are trapped just below the surface, everybody sees them but no one deals with them. Money shots are hot, love is hotter.

  • Paperweight by cherryscott. (Jared/Jensen, R, 2,990 words) -- Short, connected vignettes that trace a relationship from first kiss to first time sex.

  • Rewind by gigantic. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 830 words) -- I told someone I wanted J2 playing with a video camera. They said, "Oh hey, have you read..." And no, I hadn't.

  • Slow Hands by la_folle_allure. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,792 words) -- Easily the hottest Jared-hand-porn I have evah, evah read...MRAWR.

  • Tone Down the Rhetoric by strippedpink. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 2,598 words) -- Lazy morning sex between hot boys.

  • WB RPS by toomuchplor. (Tom/Michael, Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 8,071 words) -- Jared wants to spend his day off apart from Jensen. So, Jensen lets Mike and Tom distract him...and it doesn't work. The author describes this as "Tom/Michael, and bits of J-squared" but it's all about Jared and Jensen to me.

  • Your Love is a Life by poisontaster. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,200 words) -- Jared keeps Jensen tied to the bed...for several days. What I love most here is the hot but still sweet interaction between the characters. And also picturing Jensen licking peanut butter off Jared's thumb.

    Jared AND Jensen AND someone else:

  • Blush by eloise_bright. (Jared/Jensen/Jeff, R, 900 words) -- Jensen wants a spanking. Jared makes it happen.

  • Seriously by anasuede. (Jared/Jensen/Chad, NC-17, 4,600 words) -- Jensen blows Jared while Chad talks dirty on the phone. BURNING HOT PURE PORN.

  • Sharing is Caring by cherryscott. (Jared/Jensen/Chris, NC-17, 5, 479 words) -- Chris and Jared both want Jensen, so who gets him? I am such a sucker for dirty talk.

    Jared OR Jensen AND someone else:

  • Aftermath by koyote19. (Jensen/Jeff, NC-17, 3,070 words) -- Pretty much pure porn. I love me some dominant JDM.

  • Keep Trying by geneli4. (Jensen/Chris, NC-17, 2,300 words) -- Chris and Jen struggle to come together. This is burning hot and very sensual and it feels slow and sleepy and loving. I actually first read this a long time ago. It got stuck in my head and I had to re-find it.

  • Somewhere With You by geneli4. (Jensen/Chris, NC-17, 1,100 words) -- Pretty much the hottest thing ever. Yes, I see the squick warning...READ IT ANYWAY.

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    By lostt1

    Please, please leave feedback for the authors. Happy Monday!
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