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Proof That Fangirls Are Dirty

The other day I posted a poll about dirty fan girls and their masturbatory habits. (I KNOW, I’m still facepalm-ey about it.) But I promised a recap of the results and this is it.

Have you ever masturbated to fan fic?
84 percent of respondents said YES.

Is it something you do on a regular basis?
Occasionally, but not often: 51 percent
Once a week: 19 percent
Every day: 16 percent
Never ever: 15 percent.

82 percent of you read fan fic online while doing the dirty deed. My takeaway from this? You people must all LIVE ALONE.

Has fan fic ever inspired you to immediately go and masturbate?
Occasionally, but not often: 53 percent
Once a week: 22 percent
Every day: 13 percent
Never ever: 12 percent

What fics are bullet-proof in getting you off? Links please.

Three things of note:

1. You people don’t follow directions very well. How are we supposed to investigate your faves if you don’t actually give me LINKS? Feel FREE to add in comments!
2. If I’ve read it, I linked it. If I haven’t, well…it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sorry!
3. It occurred to me that as a reader, I’m all WOOHOO. But as an author, it might squick me slightly that people are actually doing THAT to MY words. So you know…whoops?

poisontaster and mona1347’s Sex pollen universe fic. (FYI: these stories were mentioned exponentially more than any others) (Sam/Dean)
Go Off Like a Gun (Bang Bang) by strippedpink (Sam/Dean)
Control: Lost by wickedtruth (Sam/Dean)
Porn With Paisley Wall Paper by merepersiflage (Sam/Dean)
Turn It Over And by monkiedude (Sam/Dean)
Places You Never Leave by la_folle_allure and lyssiebaby (Sam/Dean)
Tempt not a desperate man by elmo_loves_me (Sam/Dean)
Pushed Buttons, Crossed Wires by merepersiflage (Sam/Dean)
Seen It, Done It by janedavitt (Sam/Dean)
Show Me Where (I'll Taste You There) by txtequilanights (Sam/Dean)

Five Times Jared Stole Jensen's Breath Away by la_folle_allure and ericaplease (Jared/Jensen)
Anything Jared/Jensen by strippedpink
Keep Trying by geneli4 (Jensen/Chris)
Blue Dog on a Yellow Couch by cathybites (Jared/Jensen)
Geography for Beginners by sevenfists (Jared/Sandy/Jensen)
ethrosdemon and azewewish's Jared/Chad high school AU
Enough by topaz119 and without_me (Jared/Jensen) (NOTE: also mentioned multiple times)
Sometimes, the Best Gifts in Life are Free by anasuede (Jared/Jensen+Chad)
The Delicate Place by starstillwonder (Jared/OFC)
Mikey Dosed the Beer (Part One) and Mikey Dosed the Beer (Part Two) by winterlive (Jared/Jensen/Mike/Tom)
Pique's Kink List, A to Z (the gender fuck one) by apple_pi (Dom/Billy)
Conflagration by fictional_jilly (Dom/Evi)

just about anything by te.
Biological Imperative by Velvetglove (Clark/Lex)
Deep Throat by Te (Clark/Lex)
Coitus Clarkus
Last Buns of Krypton

Harry Potter:
Big Dick, Come Quick (Harry/Draco)
A Lacking of Foresight (Harry/Ron)
Harsh and Honest by cursescar (Harry/Draco)
Thirteen Kisses by acrylic (Harry/Draco)
Soixante Neuf by silentauror (Harry/Draco)
The Blue Shooters by silentauror (Harry/Draco)
Three Men and a Tub by celandineb and cruisedirector (Remus/Snape/Harry)
All the NC-17 fics from moonflower_rose
Dirty Hermione/Draco by privetdrive
amusing one-shots by mirasfics
Honestly, I’m just too lazy to code all these, but there are a ton more HP recs in this comment thread.

ladycat777's SGA fics
Your Move by pir8fancier

ENJOY! Link me to more! Leave feedback for the authors! Love you all! Etc!

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