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Texas Music

Everything is Bigger in Texas. Yes. Everything.

*NOTE: All of these song are by artists from Texas. If they sing a song specifically about Texas, I used it. If not, I just chose one I like.

1. "Ohio (Come Back to Texas" -- Bowling for Soup
2. "In Heaven, There is no Beer" -- Brave Combo
3. "Pepper" -- Butthole Surfers
4. "Since You've Been Gone" -- Kelly Clarkson
5. "Songs About Texas" -- Pat Green
6. "Boys of Summer" -- Don Henley
7. "Luckenback, Texas" -- Waylon Jennings
8. "Piece of my Heart" -- Janice Joplin
9. "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)" -- Lyle Lovett
10. "San Antonio Rose" -- Willie Nelson
11. "Cowboys From Hell" -- Pantera
12. "All My Ex's Live in Texas" -- George Strait
13. "I Got a Girl" -- Tripping Daisy
14. "Texas Flood" -- Stevie Ray Vaughn


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