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What's wrong with SPN this season?

I mentioned earlier that my squee is GONE. Why? I really don't have a clue, but I'm trying to figure it out.

At the beginning of this season I was trying to convince a RL, off-line friend to start watching SPN. She said she just couldn't because it was too scary for her. And man, I get that. Bloody Mary creeped me, the plane crash episode creeped me and I STILL have nightmares about that freaking scarecrow. *shivers*

But this season? Not scary. It's really NOT. On the S1 DVD extras I joked that if they said "we're making a mini-horror movie every week" one more time that I'd SCREAM. They certainly aren't going that direction this season.

I love that S2 is being written for the fangirls. I love that it is exploring the relationship between the boys themselves and their relationships with other people. But you know honestly, it's really sort of bad storytelling. What this season has been so shiver-inducing that I'll still be having nightmares about it next summer? Not a thing.

And ok, yeah I'll still be daydreaming about Jared Padalecki but that's not what I'm talking about. Honestly, the SHOW ITSELF has failed for me this season. I love the boys, I love their characters, Jared and Jensen hit it out of the park every single episode. But if you aren't watching it through a fangirl's eyes...I really think you'd come away from every episode feeling really detached from what's happening on the screen. Is it any wonder that SPN is having trouble roping in new viewers? If you aren't aware of the subtext, it is SLOPPY storytelling and it just doesn't translate.

And I'm SO TIRED of having to fangirl my way through every episode. And I'm so tired of disagreeing with everyone else's theories and the way they interpret episodes because my gosh...you are Not Allowed to Disagree in SPN. I'm tired of getting beat up if I don't think every single episode was THE BEST ONE EVER when all I really want to do is poke holes in it and ascertain that I really DID watch the same show as everyone else 'cause really sometimes I'm not sure I did.

For example...Crossroad Blues. I watched it, enjoyed it, thought "Oh this will be fun to discuss!" got back to my computer and was STUNNED at all the "OMG best episode this season" posts. Like, literal jaw-drop on my part. They revealed the Devils's Trap in the previouslies a whopping ten seconds into the episode! Dean spent his entire scene with the demon standing UNDER A (very awkward) WATER TOWER! It was blindingly obvious what was about to happen. And yet people were shocked. SHOCKED. And no I don't think Dean ever considered making an actual deal with the demon, because he had the whole thing SET-UP from the beginning. Just...what???

Seriously, watching different shows.

Let's be clear...I LOVE THIS SHOW. I love Jared and Jensen and wow have they grown as actors this season. I love that Kripke can still create a show that has this amazing, dedicated following. I love the fan fic that is fucking fantastic and man all I want to do all day long is read it.

But it's just a TV show. It isn't necessary to re-interpret every single word and action that crosses the screen.

I also want to be CLEAR that people should most CERTAINLY write about whatever they want in their own LJs. I am absolutely not trying to harsh anyone else's squee. I am well acquainted with the scroll button and with how to use it.

But I'm trying to figure out why my OWN enthusiasm for the show has waned SO MUCH in the last few weeks. And this is it, this is why.

P.S. Jared, please drop by ASAP so you can father my babies we can discuss this situation.
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