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Popslash Recs

improperlydone asked for JC/Justin recs and then kueble made me spazz about JC/Nick and so...here.

None of these stories are new. But *I* am new to popslash and this is just completely random stuff I've randomly run across so far and randomly liked.

  • AU Rec List of Awesomeness by phaballa

  • Catch and Release by flambeau -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Freely Given by Helenish -- (Chris/JC, NC-17)

  • Give and Get by Shine -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Irreplaceable by Rhys -- (Chris/Lance, JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Jailbait Street by flambeau -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Kicks by nopseud -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Ready to Wear by tsamm -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Remember by jae_w -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Something so Right by topaz119 and without_me -- (Lance/Jessie/JC/Nick, NC-17)

  • Unchained by topaz119 -- (JC/Justin, NC-17)

  • Hotel Rooms & Headlights by geneli4 -- (Nick/Chris Kane, NC-17)
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