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Now I’m coming back to settle up and take your heart

I have a lot to talk about today, so bare with me here...

♥ You guys sure like the OTP! *beams* I love that.

♥ Check out these absolutely gorgeous frozen cherry trees. Wow. Breathtaking, really.

♥ LOOK AT THIS! From The Leaky: Portus 2008, to be held July 10-13 2008, in Dallas, Texas. Held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, the theme is said to be "Opening the door to the Department of Mysteries," and "will explore all the metaphysical aspects of the Wizarding World."

This is your warning NOW that I expect all my HP LJ buddies to come HERE then. No excuses. Plan ahead! Thank you.

♥ Last night, anasuede made me laugh so hard I was crying. Nothing can replace a friend like that, NOTHING.

txtequilanights sent me COOKIES! Mmmmm! So good. I possibly ate some for breakfast today. *cough* Thanks Rach baby!

♥ And also? fiona_fawkes sent me booze! BOOZE! IN THE MAIL! Not only that but STARBUCKS BOOZE. *beams* Fi loves me.

♥ I'm back at work. It already sucks. It's 9:10 a.m. and I already got yelled at once. I win?

♥ Is there an SPN repeat on tonight? Which one?

♥ Jared is pretty!

If you could change places for one week with one person in fandom, who would it be?

Don't even lie and say "no one."
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