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Project for Dean, Project for Jared

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Dean's birthday was coming up and that there should be lots of fic about how he celebrates. People responded and said "Make a challenge! Make a challenge!" So, I said...errr, ok?

Here's your fic challenge: Let's have some fic about how Dean celebrates his birthday! *beams*

What? The actual birth date is January 24, so I'd suggest posting new stuff then. If you link me to it, I'll do a master list after the fact. If you have already-written stuff about Dean's birthday, link me to that too and I'll also include it. If there's no fic written at all, ever, then we never had this conversation. *waves hand in front of your face*

Second, mkitty3 and I are still gathering money to donate to an animal shelter in Jared Padalecki's name during Fangoria. We plan to give him a donation card so he knows how much his fans love him, and also, you know to help out a really, really worthwhile cause. We picked The Woodstock Animal Foundation. They have a branch in Texas and mkitty3 actually adopted her dog from her local branch so she has a personal tie to the group. If you spend just a few seconds looking at the site, you'll see why they are such an amazing agency that is totally worth a donation.

More details about the project, about exactly what we plan to do with the money and how we plan to present it, as well as how to donate yourself, is all right here.

(P.S. I feel like I need to acknowledge that I know this hits people weird in light of all the SV wank. That's ok! There's no pressure! However, some people have already made donations so I am determined to see the project through...and it would be awesome if we had a nice-sized donation to present to Jared. Holler with any questions, I am more than happy to discuss details.)

ETA: Y'all!! brynwulf just offered to match donations received in the next 24 hours for fifty cents on the dollar. COME ON! You can do this! *flails* It's a good cause! And Jared! Come on guys!
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