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And I’m getting better, at what I love

You want to know what I love? I will tell you.

I love that I came home from work to find email waiting for me from improperlydone with the subject line "Jared's Long and Sexy Fingers" and another from veronamay with the subject line "Alec inna towel!"

I love that mandyremains and I have a Snack List.

I love that I needed something really badly that only strippedpink could give me and she didn't even hesitate. Just immediately emailed it.

I love that anasuede, phaballa and notthequiettype and I can talk about anything. And we do. All day long.

I love that brynwulf not only offered to match yesterday's Jared donations but she proactively sent me an email this morning asking "How much?"

I love that people gave me advice yesterday that was so profound I cried multiple times.

I love that I was digging through my purse today and found a piece of paper that I'd written this on: "Wants a normal day -- lunch and a movie? Laughing in the theater, eating popcorn, holding hands in the dark. Soft & schmoopy & loving. Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen?"

I love that misread_ thinks I should watch Dark Angel so she motivated me with 200 pictures of Jensen Alec.

I love that I just honestly considered coding in the names of my entire friends list because I love y'all THAT MUCH.

I love that tastyeyeliner sent me this AMAZING shirt, which is without a doubt my very most favorite Christmas present of the year:

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