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it's hard out here for a pimp

Oh ok, you cannot go on another minute without reading this:

  • Everybody's Free To Feel Good If You Don't Mind Damnation by anasuede -- Jared's in heaven, Jensen isn't...what's a boy to do?

    And really, you just need to friend rapture_verse for it is MADE of awesome and then you will be spared having to see me rec every single chapter individually.

    Also, I feel compelled to pimp j2_otpathon. And spn_wank_off. Prompts still available for both!

    And don't forget to write fic about how Dean celebrates his birthday and link me to them so I can make a master list!

    Oh and go join padaholics too. And heroes_gleeweek...so fun! And hpslashnotsmut, which is running an exchange RIGHT NOW.

    Ok, NOW!! YOU tell ME what YOU having going on that needs to be pimped or paid attention to. Give it all to me, right now! Look at comments and see what appeals to you. Go play! YES!
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