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There will be an answer, let it be

Hellloooo iPhone and iTV! Can I just sign up for those now? I WANT.

I'm really lookin forward to this weekend. Friday night is Alpha Dog (*waves to Justin*) and then Saturday, I'm heading into Austin to see phaballa. We're going to watch baby!JC in Emerald Cove and NSync's Atlantis concert and then see some incestuous pop star movie that geneli4 sent. THEN! We're hooking up with emmagrant01 to see Altar Boyz, which pretty much promises to be one of Andrea's crack fics set to MUSIC! Yaaay! Gonna be so fun, I can't wait.

OH and new SPN TOMORROW. That's like...the pre-weekend kick-off! *bounces*

I got a spam email this morning with the subject line "Jessica said she was afraid." It made me go *blinkblink* Poor Sammy.

I haaaate the phrase "I love XYZ like burning." NO ONE LOVES BURNING.

Uhm, I think maybe I want to put a pretty picture of Jared on my info. page, which one should I choose?
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