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In Review: The Weekend of Popslash Awesomeness

The Weekend of Popslash Awesomeness (AKA "DANCE BITCHES!") Day One:

Friday night I went and saw Alpha Dog, which was really good. Extremely intense. I really thought I was going to throw up at one point, just from tension. Justin did an excellent job with his part. He also says the word "cock" repeatedly.

The Weekend of Popslash Awesomeness (AKA "Who died and made us instruments of God?!") Day Two:

Drove into Austin (nightmare drive, took TWO hours longer than normal) and met up with phaballa. We jumped right into our agenda and watched NSync's first televised concert, in which Justin and Lance have hair so bleached it is literally white and then watched their Atlantis show. *swoon* Pretty, pretty boys.

Then we went to dinner with Andrea's roommate and emmagrant01 and her adorable husband. YAY for reality TV gossip!

Then, we went and saw Altar Boyz, which is frocking hysterical. I've GOT to get the soundtrack. So many inside boyband jokes. REALLY funny. I highly recommend it. (ETA: and dude! Emma already wrote Altar Boyz fic!)

Then, we came home and watched a couple hours of baby!JC in Emerald Cove. He wears a PONYTAIL!

The Weekend of Popslash Awesomeness (AKA "Don't you remember Bermuda?") Day Three:

Woke up, drank coffee, started watching Harry and Max, which we knew was about gay, incestuous, popstars. Then this happened:

(On the movie)Little brother to older brother: Don't you remember Bermuda? That's the last time we were together...as a family.
phaballa: Woah, I totally thought he was going to say something else.
wendy: Gah, me too. Clearly we've read too much fan fic.
*little brother goes down on older brother*
phaballa and wendy: HOLY CRAP!!!


Then we watched an interview with Nick and Aaron Carter in Bermuda on a boat. Then some Backstreet Boys vids. Then, some baby NSync concert.

THEN, I left and went into Round Rock to have lunch with ofenjen, which was fun and awesome. Except for briefly during Lumos, I haven't seen her in YEARS. I'm still a fat, gawky teenager with high school acne and she became this gorgeous, grown up woman! Not. Fair. Anyway, it was great to see her.

Now, I'm home. Sleepy. Digging through emails. I missed you guys! MWAH!

P.S. HTML tags hate me.
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