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Beer and Boys

Happy birthday to kantayra and crazyjoyfulgirl!

Something happened on Hunted that ties into a spoiler from Playthings and it makes me wonder. SO! Brief SPN thought under the cut. I'm curious about your opinion.

OK, so occasionally on the show, the boys drink a beer. No big. They're boys.

But I noticed on Hunted that the beer really makes a showing. First, during the Big Secret Reveal, Sam keeps on swigging his beer, even throughout his ranting. I remember thinking even at the time that it was odd directing. They clearly want us to see that Sam kept right on drinking, even while his world was falling apart.

Then, again at the Roadhouse, Sam has a beer (the one Ash steals.) I don't necessarily think it's significant, but it is starting to fall into a pattern.

OK, so then...

2:11 spoiler: Sam forces Dean to make a costly promise and then buries himself in alcohol - much to his big brother's amusement

Here's the point I'm working around to....are they making My Sammy an alcoholic? Is he using beer to numb himself up? Is this, possibly, something that ends up distracting him and letting the demon in? Is his drinking going to put him in danger? Is he just a guy being a guy?

(ETA: "Alcoholic" is the wrong word choice, don't focus on that specific word.)

I'd think the last if it weren't for Sam continuing to drink at the beginning of 2:10. It felt really awkward, which makes me think it was directed to call attention to it. (Dean holds his bottle but doesn't drink it on-camera.) Then, again at the Roadhouse, it seems casual and non-important that Sam has a drink but then, they make a big deal of calling attention to it by having Ash steal his glass.

AND it clearly plays into the storyline for Playthings.

I am interested.

IT BETTER BE OK THOUGH. *cuddles My Sammybear*
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