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Helllooooo Thursday!

Six days until Dean's birthday! Get that birthday fic ready!

Do other people make lists of things they want to make LJ posts about? No? Just me? Hmmmm. I left my list on the kitchen counter this morning so you're getting a true stream-of-consciousness post here. EXCITING, isn't it??

poisontaster sent me a rose for my info. page. It makes me so happy. Thank you honey! *snuggles*

I love when people do that. I mean, I'm not asking you to buy me stuff (DON'T BUY ME STUFF!!), I'm just saying that I love when people do. I love looking at my info. page and seeing it. It makes me happy. You know?

Last night, brynwulf left a message on my cell phone. I got an honest full-body flush when I heard her say the word "Jensen." I mean, it's just not a word you hear spoken out loud every day and when you DO hear it, it's most likely in reference to OUR Jensen and it just....woooo. *pants*

Also, Meg...I was having some computer issues last night and my email ATE your last message and then I got pissed and went to bed. Sorry about that. If you want to re-send, we can try again. Or, if you're tired of dealing with me, that's ok too!

SV and SPN tonight! YAY! Looove Thursdays!

Yes, well, I think that's all for now. *kisses the flist*
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