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Yes, so, I had this BRILLIANT idea to invite SPN fangirls over to my house for a viewing party some Saturday. I decided the best way to do this was through a comm. (shut up Fi.) So, I went searching for a name and stumbled onto spn_texas. Dude! Someone else had my brilliant idea first! The comm wasn't actually open for business yet, so I emailed the mods and they were kind enough to let me get involved.

The focus of the community is a little different then what I had in mind (I think they are more concentrated on on-line interaction while I really want to make off-line meet-ups happen), still, I think we'll be able to hit a happy medium.

It should be lots and lots of fun. SO! If you live in Texas, you like SPN and you might want to come hang out with me and squee about our boys...spn_texas.


Honestly, it thrills me that the Jared/Jensen pics came out first.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I'm obsessed with how they have sex. I mean, they can't even KISS and have their parts lined up. Do they have to like, PLAN AHEAD how things are going to go??
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