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Valentine's Day Game

svmadelyn is putting together this super cool Valentines Day thing. All the details are right here.

Basically, you email her love messages for up to 14 people and she collates them into one gigantic Post O' Love.

I really, really want to encourage everyone to play. This can be a lot of fun, especially if everyone gets involved.

Also, I really encourage you to send some love out for people on LJ who might not normally get it. There are people who are going to get paragraphs and paragraphs of praise and gushing about their wonderfulness, and they deserve ALL of it. But there are people who deserve it just as much that don't have huge flists or personal fangirls. So, PLEASE take a minute and look around you. Send a message of thanks to your fave icon maker. Or to the person who comments to all your entries even though you don't have them friended. Tell someone who organized something really fun just how much you appreciate their efforts. This is a chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for someone else. It's easy and it's fun. So please, consider "spending" some of your 14 love notes on people who probably won't get love if you don't make that effort.

YAY! Hurry! Go check out Mad's post! Play! Plaaaay!
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