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Busy, busy, busy

Happy birthday to mona1347 and kueble!

rei_c sent me the sweetest card. I was sitting at my desk sorting mail when I found it and it made me cry. Thank you Rei. You just don't even know how much your words impacted me. I wish I could express what this means to me but I can't even begin to do that. I can just say...thank you so much. *smothers with love*

I am not commenting really well on other people's journals this week. I apologize in advance and will try to do better today. I'm reading everything regardless though, I promise.

I need a staff of 30 to complete all the fandom projects I want to do. I worked on nothing else last night for THREE HOURS and still didn't make a dent. WHY must I work at an actual JOB? It takes up so much TIME. I had hoped to get everything stable before I leave for Chicago next week but I don't think that's going to happen. Ahhh well. It's fandom, it's not brain surgery. It's just for fun, not stress. *repeats to self*

Happy Tuesday y'all.
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