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Update on Jared Project

Heeeey fangirls!

Just wanted to let you know that the folks from Woodstock called me this afternoon to personally thank us for the donation we made in Jared's name. So, YAY US! WE RULE! FANGIRLS ROCK! The organization is very, very pleased and grateful. So thanks again to everyone who donated and worked hard to make this part of the project a success.

My favorite part though was when she said "So what would you like us to do for Jared?" and my mind went to all kinds of places not the least of which was "I AM HAVING A PHONE CONVERSATION WITH A STRANGER ABOUT JARED PADALECKI."


Anyway, she's sending me an acknowledgment card and some background on the group and a print-out about what our money will actually be used for.

I'm very pleased and I hope you are too. I just know Jared will be, as well!

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