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Five Things Challenge

When I was going through THE most difficult time of my entire life, magicaldaydream used to make (and I do mean make) me post a daily list of Five Things I was thankful for. They could be big (finally got a job!) or small (ice cold Dr Pepper)...it didn't matter. Just as long as I had five items that I could recognize as a blessing.

So, here's my challenge for you...

Post a Five Things list in YOUR LJ today. Encourage the people reading to post one in THEIR LJ. Let's get the karma flowing in the correct direction today, right off the bat.

Here's mine:

Five Things
1. The baristas at Starbucks who know my name and order by heart.
2. My DVR. I'd die without my DVR, yo.
3. Val is officially all healed. She runs and jumps like nothing every happened to her. *relieved*
4. Lyrics to Indigo Girls songs...they're like poetry.
5. That warm feeling you get when you come home after traveling.

Your turn!
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