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Hmm...something important happens today...

It is snowing. Again. WTF Texas?!?! *makes grump face*

Oh, hi, hello. Guess what? It's THURSDAY. Mmmm boys.

Valentines Day is a bit of a weird day for me, honestly, I think it is for most people. But I appreciate everyone who showered me with love yesterday, more then you can know.

I came home to a valentine from why_me_why_not covered in teddy bears...WENDYBEARS, if you want to be specific.

I also appreciate the virtual gifts from improperlydone, technosage, txtequilanights, tobemeagain, obeetaybee and allll my anonymous buddies. You guys rock. I can't even lie, I LOVE those silly virtual gifts on my user info. page. Every time I see them, I get warm and fuzzy inside.

Also, thank you to everyone who said such nice, sweet things about me in svmadelyn's Valentines Day Game. Thank you to everyone who said something nice about ANYONE. To be honest, I read through most of it and it was so fun to see squee about people I love, people I respect, people I used to be close to but drifted away from and even for people I've never heard of before. Words are powerful, man.

Thank YOU ALL for taking the time to make yesterday special for someone else.

Unrelated to V-Day, ofenjen sent me a button that looks like my enabler icon and I sort of love it a lot. *beams* Thank you Jen!
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