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SPN: Tall Tales

You know what I want. Fave SPN moments...tell me!

Purple Nurple.

"STARING INTO THE SUN" IS MY LINE. I aaaaalways say that looking at Jensen is LIKE STARING AT THE SUN. *flails*

Blah blah blah blah blah.

Dean with his mouth stuffed full.

bustyasianbeauties.com HAHAHA

Slow dancing with aliens.

Sam being seven times bigger than the guy he hugged.

Dean said "dick." TWICE.

Sam/laptop versus Dean/Impala

Sam can identify alligator belly scales on SIGHT.

OMG! Sam has a monogrammed money clip. (FIC PLEASE.)

Wrestling on the bed and Dean's shirt sliding up to show his belly. *flails*

Dean calling Sam a "tightass." (duh)

"I'm a sucker for a happy ending."

"I know what you and your brother do."

Dean getting beat up by GIRLS.

"Dean, I just wanted to say..." "Me too."

OMG, I really, really needed that.
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