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It makes me weak baby, just to hear you speak baby

Here's my big news for today: I saw the ortho yesterday and I get my braces off on March 2. Yaaaay!

So, here's my plan...I get them off at 1 p.m., March 2. Then, I am going straight to the movie theater where I will eat 700 buckets of popcorn because I haven't had ANY since October 2005. Then, March 3 kicks off the roller derby season, so I'll get pre-bout pizza (which I will eat WITHOUT using a knife and fork!) and lots and lots of beer (which has nothing to do with my braces but is just a derby BONUS.)


A week from today, I will be on a plane to Chicago to see a big chunk of my LJ buddies. Oh and JARED.

*beams some more*

JC, Lance and Justin are alllll over this week's US Weekly. If I can get 14 free minutes to myself this weekend, I'll scan it.

OMG I am tired of COLD.

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