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Welcome to My House

When I set my alarm last night, somehow I did it so that this very annoying BEEP-BEEP noise was my alarm instead of the radio station I like. Oye. Verrrry irritating. Not at all how I'm used to coming to consciousness in the morning!

Poll #930526 wake me up, before you go-go

What wakes you up in the morning?

Some sound (beep, ring, etc.)
The DJs on my fave radio station.
My iPod, CDs or some other music I chose.
An actual person.
Something else.

I have this food chopper-thing (except mine is BIG and not a miniature one like in that picture), and yesterday I chopped up some red peppers with it. Stuck it in the dishwasher and when I pulled it out there were still pepper bits stuck to it. So, I reached down and wiped them off. With my fingers. Oh yes, I did! The index, middle and ring fingers on my right hand are all cut to shit. Not my most brilliant move, for sure.

I didn't get to talk to anasuede at all this weekend and this makes me very, very sad. However! Next weekend, I get her all to myself for THREE WHOLE DAYS and I am not sharing! My De! MINE.

Last night, txtequilanights broke my brain with porn. I'm still loopy from it. *swoons*

Are you watching the new Amazing Race? It's All Stars! Which means I get Boston Rob back. *beams* I have such a crush on him.

Oh Britney.
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