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Sun comes up, it’s Tuesday morning

Wanna hang out with fangirls this summer? supernolasummer.

Getting very excited about Fangoria. Ok, yes, I'm excited about seeing Jared in-person but I'm REALLY excited about getting to see so many of my LJ buddies and about being AWAY for a few days. txtequilanights pointed out that we are RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME and she? Is not wrong.

I missed both Prison Break and Heroes last night. Can someone sum up for me in a few sentences so I don't have to actually WATCH them?

I will never, ever (ever, ever) get everything done that needs to be done before I leave town again.

Tell me something that makes you happy today. Feel free to provide pictorial evidence. *beams*

P.S. I found my Sam-coffee icon! *rejoices*
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