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it's not as easy as willing it all to be right

Couple of things...

Happy birthday nasus221!

I posted a teeny Sammy hair!spam right here.

Yes, I'm still going to Chicago. I desperately need a break from my life and I need an infusion of fangirl squee, SO BRING IT.

Yes, we're still meeting at 2 p.m., Saturday, in the hotel bar.

At some point, I want to get fangirls gathered around my laptop for a little SPN-watching too. Jared can't be there? We'll bring him to us.

Clearly, this means an SPN DRINKING GAME is needed. So help me out, yeah? If we can get a good list going, I'll post a master in a day or two. Be creative, be literal, be serious, be silly...what should we drink for?

Take a drink every time:
-Dean says "dude."
-someone mentions Dad.
-someone dies.
-one of the boys says this isn't their sort of job.
-there's a devil's trap
-anyone references Sam and Dean being brothers
-they show the Impala in a clear car!porn shot
-anybody has yellow eyes or there's black demon dust
-Sam touches a gun, knife or lock-pick set

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