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2:20 Spoilers

Gaaaaaaaah. Is there ANYONE on my flist who will discuss 2:20 spoilers with me?!!?

From SpoilerFix:

Dean is attacked by a Djinn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djinn), which warps his reality when it touches him. He wakes in a Lawrence, Kansas apartment next to a woman named Carmen. When he calls Sam to report, the exasperated little brother accuses Dean of drunk-dialing him (hearing 'gin' instead of 'djinn') and tells him to sleep it off. After hanging up on him, Sam returns to his research books - which include a law school textbook.

That bit about the law school textbook makes me LITERALLY FLAIL-EY. Why is that riling me up? Sam SAID he wouldn't leave! So...why does my stomach hurt from reading that?
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