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Ash's Birthday Post and SPN RECS

Today is notthequiettype's birthday. On the off-chance you don't know her, Ash is amazing. She is funny, smart, supportive, enthusiastic, never complains about anything, always listens and just, in general, makes my life better every single day simply by being part of it.

Legend has it that anasuede and I met notthequiettype for the first time when we convinced her to spontaneously drive from LA to Las Vegas in the middle of the night to see us.

That part is true.

This is one of my most fave pics ever. notthequiettype, anasuede, wendy and fiona_fawkes.

Watching SPN..in this pic, it was Hell House, natch.

In addition to everything ELSE that is cool about Ashley, she's also a KILLER writer. She writes funny things. She writes burning hot things. She writes incredible, amazing things.

If you aren't familiar with Ash's work, you should just take a day and read everything she's ever written. It's worth it.

BUT, if you don't have that luxury, here's a starting place...here are eleven recs you must read. Do not pass go, do not collect $100. Just READ. And then tell Ash how amazing you think she is too.

Jared/Jensen RPS:

  • At First It's Just a One Time Thing -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 400 words) -- Four drabbles about what it's like to sleep with your co-star, written in a really unique style.

  • Cinema Gods in the Night -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 2,200 words) -- Jared tries out X and Jen teases him until he's crazy and begging.

  • Everything Looks Better By Firelight aka How NOT to Spend Your Summer at Sleepaway Camp -- (Jared/Jensen, Tom Welling/Michael Rosenbaum, Chad Michael Murray/Jason Dohring, Amanda Seyfried/Kristen Bell, and others, NC-17, 5,300 words) -- This is Ash's infamous Camp Fic. It's pee-your-pants hysterical.

  • Four Ways It Didn't Happen and the One Way It Did -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 2,200 words) -- Four ways the boys didn't get together and one way it actually did happen.

  • The Measure of a Man --(Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,600 words) -- Jared gets high and explores Jensen. This is gorgeous, descriptive, HOT writing at it's very, very best.

  • The Ties That Bind -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,800 words) -- A very dominant Jensen wants to teach Jared a lesson. My favorite parts include: a belt, begging and Jared coming on command.

    Supernatural, Sam/Dean:

  • Blow Out the Candles (And Make a Wish) -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 650 words) -- How Dean celebrates eight of his birthdays.

  • Jesus caught you with your dick in your hand -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,200 words) -- Rapture has occurred and Sam is annoyed that they've been left behind. This is SO funny.

  • Keeping the Blade -- (Sam/Dean, R, 700 words) -- Dean's life boils down to three things: his knives, his guns, and his Sam. I LOVE this fic. The repeating theme about why each items is significant to Dean works so well and of course, Ash executes the idea perfectly.

  • Let It Begin, Heaven Cannot Wait -- (Sam/Dean, R, 500 words) -- A series of firsts for Sam and Dean. This is Ashley's emotional, heartbreaking, heart-clutching writing at its very BEST.

  • Two Highways East and a Quarter Mile North of Salvation -- (Sam/Dean, R, 3,500 words) -- Ash's take on the boys post-apocalypse.

    Dear AshBear:
    I love you, Happy birthday!
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