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Jensen, Polls, J2 Pics

Dear Jensen:

Happy birthday sweetiepie! Call me next time you're in town and we'll have lunch.


P.S. There are some pretty pictures of you and your boyfriend under the cut. Enjoy.

In other news...

Would you be interested in a Post-Apocolyptic panfandom archive? Go right here and fill out the poll, pretty please!

Also, I'm in the mood for a poll of my own, want to help me?

Poll #937739 you tell me

Give me a poll question and I'll assemble them all into one massive Poll 'O Crack.

I'm siiiiick. I've been fighting a sore throat ever since I got back to Texas and today I'm really BLAH. *cries* I hate not feeling good.

I mighta gone overboard with the pictures. Whoops?
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