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Sunday Recs on Saturday

Yeah ok, so you guys know I was on a het-bender for awhile there, yeah? I think I'm pretty much done now but here are a few good things I found:

  • Family Affair by kueble -- (Sam/Ellen, Dean/Jo, R, 4,464 words) -- Jo and Dean are together and having a baby. Jo is non-annoying and Dean is a proud Daddy. Meanwhile, Sam and Ellen are working on their own relationship too.

    I fully admit I was extremely hormonal the first time I read this story but just thinking about it fills my heart with joy. I encourage you to give it a shot.

  • One Night in Bangkok by innie_darling -- (Sam/OFC, R) -- Sam gets asked to the senior prom by a hot girl.

    This fic is hot and sweet and funny and includes gorgeous, descriptive writing that you really should pay attention to.

    But! I also have some nice, slash-ey RPS for you too!

  • Biloxi by azewewish -- (Chris/Jensen, NC-17) -- Chris gets a little lost in life, but Jen is there to help him find his way again.

    What I love most about this fic is how clearly you can see the characters moving from point A to point B. It's just a very real and natural progression. Not to mention that it reads effortlessly and is a little beautiful in places. Also? There is shower sex. *beams*

  • Make You Love Me by audrarose -- (Jared/Jensen, R, 3,200 words) -- Jensen has a hangover, Jared is pretty sure he knows a cure. This is soft and sweet and loving and sexy and supah hot.
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