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Hey! It's Tuesday!

I really like The Black Donnelly's. I like the characters, I like the storyline. But man...I really want to watch it in fast forward. It's like, every episode is seven hours long. GAH.

Also, I cannot believe I have to watch that dumb Pussycat Dolls show tonight. Oh, the sacrifices we make for fandom! This is almost as bad as having to watch Devour. But without the bonus of Jensen.

I keep meaning to mention that mandyremains sent me the CUTEST letter. It was very long and handwritten and was basically a recap of her day subbing at an elementary school library. She'd tell me about each period as it passed. But, she was afraid she was being too boring and that I'd stop paying attention, so every once in awhile, she'd drop in Jared and Jensen's names. You know, just to motivate me to keep reading. *beams* I love my friends.

I have to go to Houston this weekend (just overnight, it's a quick trip. I won't even be there a full 24 hours total) and I just KNOW April is going to go into labor while I'm gone.

OMG, I just saw that brynwulf and poisontaster posted Chapter Ten of sundownverse. I WILL NOT PANIC. OR CRY.

P.S. I drank spoiled milk this morning.

P.P.S. I will be spamming LJ today. FYI.

P.P.P.S. In case you EVER DOUBTED that I have the best LJ buddies EVER, check out the amaaaaazing wallpapers and icons gigglingkat made for ME! So much love for my Kat. *beams*
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