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OK, I have a few things to pimp to you toooday!

First, have you discovered crack_impala yet? It's a rec newsletter and each day is themed (slash, het, gen, RPS, etc.) It's done really well and it's a lot of fun, so go have a look.

Also, WHY haven't you joined spn_appreciate yet? The fun kicks off RIGHT NOW so go join RIGHT NOW!

Okokok. You know about those comms. You're SPNed up to your eyeballs. How about some love for other fandoms?

There's an awesome Petrelli-ficathon going on at some_family. It's currently in the prompt gathering stage, so go leave some.

The Black Donnellys:
They're Irish, hot, bad asses AND brothers, so it stands to reason that St. Patrick's Day DEMANDS a celebration. Go over to tbd_stpaddys, where you can post fic and art about TBD that is in anyway related to St. Pat's Day. I can't wait to see what people come up with, I know it will ALL be awesome.


Happy Friday y'all!
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