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notthequiettype just posted this bunny in her LJ and NOW I HAVE TO HAVE IT BEFORE I DIE:

J2 where Jared figures out that Jensen is REALLY into roleplaying. He's so SHY and quiet and he's like that in bed and Jared figures out that getting him to pretend to be someone else gets him to just ramble FILTH. And Jared totally gets off on it.

Who will write that for me? Come on! You know you want to! I will ask on my knees! I will beg better than Jensen, swear!

Tomorrow is BABY DAY.

I had the best evening yesterday. I watched two S2 episodes of House (first one: fifteen year old girl gets her father drunk and sleeps with him. second one: female teacher gets an STD from sleeping with her fifteen year old student. *blinkblink* I swear!) Then I folded laundry and laid in bed and read forever and then I took a sleeping pill and turned off the light at 10 p.m. sharp. And it was awesome.

Today's spn_appreciate challenge is really rough for me because I rec everybody all the time, but I decided to focus on icon-makers because I never give them enough love.

  • carmendove: She pretty much makes my favorite icons in fandom. They're gorgeous and snarky and awesome. She works outside SPN and J2, as well. I just snagged a beautiful TBD icon from her latest post this morning. So, go check her out.

  • wasted_amy: I originally found Amy because she made all the burning hot hand icons I was craving. Then, I found out she's a nice person too. She does amazing work and includes Steve and Chris in her icon-making love.

  • dev_earl: I looove the coloring and cropping on her icons. She made the Sam icon that's my current default. It's a struggle though because every time she posts, I just want to dump everything I have an upload all the new stuff she just made.

    Thank you lovelies for all your hard work and creativity. Thank you for feeding my fangirl needs and for, literally, giving us a way to identify and share who we are with the LJ world at large. *beams*
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